Robert Boozer

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This is my personal website. The website contains my life experiences. My primary interests are Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking, and motorcycles.

As you will notice the majority of content on this site is related to scuba diving. This is without a doubt my favorite hobby. To check it out click on the Scuba menu at the top of the page.

What's New

Took a trip to Cow Spring. I managed to get some descent photos of this amazing system. Click on the following link to learn more about Cow Spring.

What's Next

I took a trip to Georgia, North Carolina and Tennesee area. The main reason we went was to spread the ashes of my recently desceased ex-wife. I hooked up a U-Haul trailer and took some toys along for the trip. I got to do tear of some of the twisty mountain roads on my FJR. I'll dig up some of the video and pitures and post them soon.


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